A platform targeted at Manufacturing Plants, Software Developers and Machine Manufacturers, specifically to leverage the data created from IIoT enabled Manufacturing Machines.


In mechanical and plant engineering, digital solutions are becoming more important than ever for sustainable corporate success.

To leverage the data created from IoT enabled manufacturing machines and centralise manufacturing plants, software developers and machine manufacturers, ADAMOS combines a marketplace and integration platform for the manufacturing industry for quick acquisition and easy use of industrial apps.

The B2B platform will feature a Developer Hub, App Marketplace and Dashboard/App Launcher.

Adamos Overview

Roles & Responsibilities

I’ve led the product design together with the PO and PM from January 2019 until October 2020. I was responsible for building the ADAMOS Design System which was used to build multiple products and components, fast.

Besides the main functionality of the Store and Hub we’ve worked on adding two core hub services called Machine Book and Catalog.

  • Styleguide based on the existing Corporate Image
  • Build a Design System
  • Prototype
  • Workshops Facilitation

Insights & Ideation

Uncovering insights and transform concepts into features that address customer behaviours and motivations.

Strategy & Vision

Created prototypes and frameworks to share design principles and overall content strategy. Workshops to align and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Planning & Scope Definition

Balanced business goals with customer goals by prioritising features and creating a roadmap after validating market needs.


Wireframes, User Journey, Design System, Styleguide, Prototypes, Marketing Materials.

Design System / Styleguide

Understanding the Problem

We’ve kicked off the project with a 4 day design sprint in order to gather as much information about the product, audience and the needs we are addressing followed by a feature roadmap and milestones.

Prior to defining our goals, we've sent out a questionnaire addressed at manufacturing workers and machine manufacturers in order to validate assumptions, splitting the project in three main components.

Quantitative research revealed that providers mostly wanted a tailored presence on the platform in order for their customers to feel at home, licensing overview, and a streamlined sales channel.

Manufacturing workers wish that all machines and solutions from all ADAMOS partners speak the same language.

Defining the Audience

ADAMOS is focused on manufacturers and customers to equal degrees. After all, no one knows their equipment better than the manufacturer. And no one knows better how to operate it than the user.

Machine Manufacturers

Germany’s first alliance of well-known industrial and software companies act as stakeholders. Their combined installed base contains several hundreds of thousands of machines and systems.

Software Providers

Standardized sales processes and Shop-in-Shop options enable shorter time-2-market and scalability.

Engineering Partners

Mechanical engineering partners can differentiate themselves through digital solutions and thus ensure continued access to their end-customers.

Manufacturing Plants

The range of services offered by ADAMOS can be used by other mechanical and plant engineering firms as partners.

Shop in Shop - Provider Explorations

Outlining the Structure

In order to map out the user journey based on the preliminary sprint’s outcome, i’ve built a prototype and using the Invision platform i gathered feedback from every member of the product team, a great way to make sure everyone has the same understanding of who they’re building for, and what’s important to them.

In Store, every partner can create and customize their digital portfolio and offer the same brand experience to their customers.

The Hub is an integration platform geared towards mechanical and plant engineering, enabling simple administration and transparent data exchange between machines, systems and apps from different providers.

Digital products are expanded with hub functionalities and thus enable interaction with one another.

Hub - Control Center - App Launcher

Defining the Solution

In the empathize phase, we used analysis to break down everything we observed and discovered from our users into smaller, more manageable components, dividing their actions and behaviour into “what”, “why” and “how” categories.

We glue these components back together, synthesising our findings to create a detailed overall picture.

HUB - Control Center - Subscriptions
HUB - Control Center - Team Members, Assign App

Outcome & Results

We’ve delivered a fully functional prototype, balancing the act between market and stakeholder vision.

Store - Product Details
Store - Shop in Shop - Editor
Hub - Core Services - Machine Book
Hub - Core Services - Catalog