Orkanise is about providing an intuitive next level in the evolution of SaaS Project Management and collaboration software.

There is a demand among PM's for a holistic and consolidating tool, they are looking for software which offers accreditation, efficient reporting, business cases guidelines and a more social approach to project management.

The hunt for a tool which is intuitive enough to be used across their organisation, without spending time and effort on training to use the tool.


of all projects succeed (delivered on time, on budget and with required features and proper usability)


are challenged (late, over budget, and/or with fewer than the required features


fail (either cancelled prior to completion or delivered and never used)


of companies report having at least one failed project in the last year

Defining the Audience

We've set off to identify our target market and discover how should we prioritise our box of features.

C-level Executives

Risk Reduction, Contingency Planning and Forecasting

Financial Managers

Budget and Audit friendly financial forecasting tools.

Programme Managers

One tool to manage various projects

Project Managers

One tool to consolidate

Planning and Execution

Orkanise brings your team together, making it easy to share information and collaborate. Save time on meetings and emails, stay up to date using a customisable notification system.

In Waterfall mode you can set milestones and dependencies between tasks, while using the interactive Gantt chart to view the master plan.

Cost Module

The Financial module, everyone needs to report and keep an eye on the budget. Displays in real time, the actual budget (calculated using an algorithm which takes into account the progress and its variables).


Assures you don’t take too much risk, so you stay on top of your project. Set your thresholds and the system will automatically notify you when you are close to a breach.

Resource Management

Orkanise provides a workload scheduler so you can always see the workload of individuals, and reassign tasks accordingly.

User Efficiency Report

People with the right skills who are armed with the right techniques can often minimise the risk of failure attributed to external factors.

View how a particular member of the team performed on a project or in general, metrics including average number of completed tasks, risk mitigated, issues raised, quality assurance and costs.

CRM Module

We all know that the client is king. That's exactly why Orkanise facilitates you to report back to them, in the most transparent way possible. Consolidate all client related files, communication and change requests in one place and have a clear view of your client's needs.

Access your client history & check your project stats Consolidate all client related files, communication and change requests.

Team Management

Role definition


Keep all your project safe, so you can sleep better.


Widgets enable a complete overview of every project


Assets, participants

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