There are 7.5 billion people in the world who could change your life forever


Woyoti is designed to help you create a network and establish a presence in a location where you are not physically present, gain better understanding of the culture, business environment and people in a particular region before you physically go there.

It provides you with an entry point into that particular country or region by allowing you to simply find relevant people and schedule online meetings at a time when they are free.

The meetings have a designated purpose and range from general inquiry and conversation, to recruitment, sales and market knowledge gathering.

Defining the tone

My first step was to discover who is Woyoti and what vibe does it spread, creative direction went to an alien pretty fast as it simply describes belonging to a foreign place.

For the typeface I used Lato which has classical proportions, familiar harmony and elegance, providing warmth while maintaining stability and seriousness.

Sketching out solutions

Using React we managed to offer a seamless transition from mobile to desktop.


Literally an elevator pitch deck for investors